2020 BMW M2

2020 BMW M2

2020 Chevrolet Suburban

2020 Chevrolet Suburban

2020 BMW M2 vs. 2020 Chevrolet Suburban


2020 BMW M2 isn’t a classic yet it comes along with the charm and allure of years gone by when agility and handling mattered more than technology and connectivity. Make no mistake though, it comes along with BMW’s innovative and tech features. Think of it as a simple yet extraordinary sedan with a six speed manual transmission complete with a thrilling Dual Clutch transmission system.

2020 Chevrolet Suburban is a strong Chevy model. There’s no doubt about that. There’s a problem though. Its shaky ride quality coupled with immense proportions taint the models otherwise good image.  Fortunately, an impressive infotainment system as well as a generous cargo capacity atones for the Chevy’s misgivings.

Design & Style

Thick lateral bolsters, a tall roof and an interior deliberately designed to have a high seat position guarantees space and comfort. M sport seats give the 2020 M2 a sporty feel which makes driving it a thrill. The exterior features inspiring aerodynamics to ensure agility and complement speed.  The model is all about out of the box or if you may, smart craftsmanship.

Inside, the 2020 Chevrolet Suburban boasts of a vast dashboard complete with well-placed controls. It also comes along with a large center console, soft door armrests and bland gadgetry. Two downsides spoil the perks though – the Chevy is not comfortable. It is also not aesthetically appealing.

Technology & Safety

2020 BMW M2 comes complete with wi-fi connectivity, wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity. Safety features include rear view camera designed to make it easy for you to reverse, automated high beams, speed limit info display and blind spot monitoring. Full suit air bags and automated emergency braking are also guaranteed.

The 2020 Suburban lacks standard yet vital driver assistance features. Lane keeping assist and automated emergency braking make up for the shortcomings. The Chevy scores an average here.


Thanks to its powerful engine, alluring shifting manual transmission and an invigorating handling balance, the 2020 M2 delivers driving satisfaction and the experience you would expect from a BMW model with an M. It boasts of an N55 3.0 liter turbocharged engine designed to unleash 356 hp and 343 lb-ft torque. Its Dual Clutch transmission guarantees a better driving experience alongside the M2’s six speed automatic transmission system. Superb driving and fantastic handling dynamics make it possible for the sizeable 2020 BMW M2 beast to hit the 60mph mark in less than 4 seconds.

Bottom Line

2020 BMW M2 is simple in so many aspects yet strong at the same time. It is also worth noting that is one of the most fuel efficient models BMW has produced in recent years. It is a perfect model to welcome you into the BMW family.

The 2020 Suburban drags expectations under the carpet. For what its worth though, it is strong and spacious. It does not suit the young working executive looking in search for a simple, averagely priced car that has it all from class and comfort all the way to safety and performance. That is where the 2020 BMW M2 bags the medal.

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