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2020 Volvo S90

2020 BMW 7-Series vs. 2020 Volvo S90


If you are in the market for a large luxury sedan that still offers a thrilling ride, then the 2020 BMW 7-Series is the car for you. Cocooned in a luxurious cabin, you will still get to enjoy the 2020 7-Series’ athletic performance that should thrill car enthusiasts. There is plenty of tech available as standard as you would expect of a car at this price point.

When it comes to the 2020 Volvo S90, you get a very composed car that delivers functionality and offers a very composed ride. The 2020 S90 is unlikely to get your blood racing but for everyday driving, it should be adequate for most drivers.

Design & Style

When designing the 2020 7-Series, BMW was going for a blend of an executive sedan with a hint of sporty aggression. In this, the 2020 7-Series succeeds. The exterior is striking, ensuring that this is a sedan that will stand out in any driveway. Inside, the occupants are surrounded by genuinely luxurious features with high-quality build-materials. Space is in plenty including generous cargo space.

In keeping up with its drive to produce sensible and safe cars, Volvo has ensured that the 2020 S90 is solidly built with a comfortable interior. While not as luxurious as that of the 2020 BMW 7 Series, the cabin of the 2020 S90 is not too bad either. Space however, especially in the trunk is limited and this takes away from the otherwise excellent design.

Technology & Safety  

Car owners who purchase the 2020 7-Series can expect a wide variety of tech and safety features that come as standard. These include an infotainment system that is controlled by BMW’s iDrive software which is quick and intuitive to use. The system also supports gesture and voice commands allowing for safe operation even while driving the car. Smartphone integration as well as phone charging consoles are just some of the many tech features available in this car.

With the 2020 S90, buyers get a variety of tech and safety features as well. These include navigation, Bluetooth connectivity among others. Setting up the infotainment system can take a while should be done while the car is parked.


Under the hood, car owners get to choose between a V6, V8, and V12 turbocharged engines in the 2020 7-Series. All these engines deliver excellent performance and the car handles superbly. An eight-speed automatic transmission delivers silky smooth performance and the suspension offers one of the most comfortable rides in the luxury sedan segment.

When it comes to the 2020 S90, you get a choice between V6 and V8 turbocharged engines. These deliver a fairly decent ride and although it won’t thrill enthusiasts, the 2020 S90 should be ok for drivers looking for good engine performance.

The Bottom Line

The 2020 7-Series and the 2020 S90 are very well-designed cars with a lot to offer. However, the 2020 7-Series edges out the 2020 S90 when it comes to tech, luxury and engine performance. This makes the 2020 BMW 7-Series a clear winner in this comparison.

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