2020 BMW 6-Series

2020 BMW 6-Series

2020 Lexus ES

2020 Lexus ES

2020 BMW 6-Series vs. 2020 Lexus ES


The most luxurious and unique sedan, the 2020 BMW 6-Series is back after an unfavorable launch due to its odd appearance. The new BMW 6-Series is sleek with advanced technology and safety, powerful engines, in-cabin luxurious comfort and is ready to give you the ride of your life.

For the 2020 Lexus ES, it is the first version to come with an F-sport model. Without a doubt, the design is handsome, but the interior does not meet the standards of a premium luxurious car.

Design & Style

A sedan that seats up to five people, the spacious and soft seats are made of Dakota leather with plenty of stretching space for the legs of both front and rear passengers. The interior design and layout is extremely stylish and modern, with clear arrangement of buttons and gears. The side bolsters are there for extra support and does feel very comfortable when you lean on them.

The Lexus ES, however, feels cheap when you take a closer look in the interior. The shifter is one example, which looks like the one you see in a Toyota CH-R or any other normal car. The seats are not as bolstering as that of the BMW 6-Series, and does not give you much support for your back and bottom.

Technology & Safety

The 2020 BMW 6-Series gets an enhanced iDrive 7 system with a 12.3 inch touchscreen display, new arrangement of buttons on the steering wheel for the driver’s easier access, the original Apple CarPlay with an addition of Android Auto. Its driver assistance features have also improved with advanced technology. The usual lane departure warning now comes with late return capability, and the navigation system is much more faster than before.

For the 2020 Lexus Es, the signature factor is different drive modes to meet the driver’s preferences and situations. In the “Normal” mode, there is ample passing power and the engine is smooth and quiet, however, in “Sport” mode, you will not feel much of a difference, but you will feel that it is easier to turn into sharp corners. It also has the standard safety features such as emergency braking, auto-dimming rearview mirror, frontal collision warning and more. Still, it lacks the fast and swift infotainment system that BMW 6-Series proudly shows off.


Gifted with BMW’s newest 48-volt mild hybrid technology, the five engines that produces 190 horsepower 620d and 333 horsepower 640i makes the 6-Series a promising car in terms of engine performance. The Lexus ES has a low horsepower of 302 horsepower with its 3.5-liter V6 engine. In terms of fuel economy and passing power, the BMW 6-Series is the clear winner.

The Bottom Line

Both are sport cars worth buying and the Lexus ES does have many benefits and attractive features, and its engine is also a good choice. However, the BMW M6-Series wins in various aspects: technology, safety, the interior comfort, driving assistance and infotainment system.

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