2020 BMW 4-Series

2020 BMW 4-Series

2020 Ford Mustang

2020 Ford Mustang

2020 BMW 4-Series vs. 2020 Ford Mustang


If you are looking for a sporty sedan with excellent ride quality, then the 2020 BMW 4-Series is the car for you. With the option of a hardtop or a convertible, you get to enjoy this amazing car in your own special way. Inside the interior, you get lots of cabin space and legroom even on the back seats. The 2020 4-Series is a car that is designed for car enthusiasts who still want a car that can serve as an everyday automobile. In this sense, the 2020 4-Series is a clear winner.

The 2020 Ford Mustang builds on a reputation as a muscle car. In this sense, the 2020 Mustang is as great as ever with striking looks. Performance is excellent although not exactly what you would expect from such a car. The interior is a little unimaginative but should suffice for most people who buy this car.

Design & Style

The 2020 BMW 4-Series manages to blend the luxury of an executive sedan with the excitement of a sports car. The 2020 4-Series is beautifully designed and the 2020 edition gets slightly darker taillights and a more prominent grille. Inside the cabin, you get a plush interior with ergonomic styling that ensures everything is within reach. There is also plenty of space both in the cabin and in the trunk, ensuring that the 2020 4-Series is also a very functional sedan.

The sporty look of the Ford Mustang is unmistakable and the 2020 edition is as beautiful as ever. Inside the cabin, the 2020 Mustang looks good as well although some of the materials used inside the car are not premium. There is plenty of legroom in the front seats but rear passengers might feel a little cramped.

Technology & Safety  

The 2020 4-Series comes with a display that controls the infotainment system. Given that it is powered by BMW’s iDrive, you can expect the system to be responsive to your commands and easy to use. The 4-Series comes with smartphone integration as standard and other safety features available include forward collision warning among many others.

When it comes to the 2020 Ford Mustang, you enjoy smartphone integration and a stereo system that is a bit of a letdown for such an iconic car. Still, you have the option of upgrading to something better although you have to pay more to get it.


The 4-Series is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers a splendid ride. The car handles well around corners and never feels underpowered at any moment. The suspension is firm and delivers a composed yet fun ride. All in all, ride quality and engine performance in the 2020 4-Series is as superb as one would expect in a sporty BMW sedan.

The 2020 Ford Mustang also comes with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers 460 hp. This is a lot of power and it shows when you floor the gas pedal of this muscle car. While performance is good, ride quality is something else. The cabin is not properly insulated so engine noises fill the cabin especially at high revs.

The Bottom Line

While these two cars have a lot to offer discerning drivers, the 2020 4-Series pulls ahead of the 2020 Ford Mustang when it comes to functionality, interior aesthetics, and ride quality. The 2020 BMW 4-Series is therefore the winner of this comparison.

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