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2019 BMW X7


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2019 BMW X7 vs. 2019 Toyota Fortuner


There aren’t many adjectives that aptly capture what the 2019 BMW X7 is all about. Magnificent, elegant and classy all come close enough though. With an award-winning exterior design and an interior that is spiced up with mind-blowing innovating features, it is hard to resist what BMW X7 has to offer. From an impressive engine torque and speed all the way to safety and aesthetics, BMW X7 simply has it all. The Toyota Fortuner tries to catch up but like you may have already figured out, BMW X7 easily bags the medal on a side by side comparison of the two models.

Design & Style

The X7 has an attractive and bright satin exterior, especially after the front wheels. The interior as well is top-notch quality and fitted with features designed to give you a unique driving experience. The start-stop button is strategically located for easy access. The same can be said of the Swarovski crystal shifter, iDrive controller and the stereo volume knob.

The 2019 Toyota Fortuner aims at appealing more to those people who prefer curves and sweeping lines making it a bit less attractive than the BMW X7. Its controls are designed logically as well although some buttons are small and there is no volume knob.

Technology & Safety

The BMW X7 boasts of the 7th generation iDrive infotainment system equipped with large and sharp screens, graphics that are appealing as well as a variety of input options. In addition to the 12.3-inch screens for infotainment needs and the one for gauges and driving information, the BMW X7 also has a big and multicolored head-up display with quality graphics. It also provides for wireless charging as well as Apple CarPlay. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available but is subject to an annual subscription. On matters safety, the X7 is fitted with top-line exterior lights that have adaptive LED headlights and fog lights in front. It also has progressive brake lights at the back. It not only comes with a great rearview camera that offers 3D and 360-degree view but also has improved outward visibility.

The 2019 Toyota Fortuner, on the other hand, comes with a smaller screen that is 7.0 inches. It also only connects via Bluetooth at standstill. There is also no provision for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The 2019 Toyota Fortuner also has no fog lights and its headlights are halogen units.


The X7 is fitted with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine. That explains why it almost effortlessly produces an amazing horsepower of 445 and 479lb-ft of torque. It is simply a beast on whichever terrain you drive it on.

The 2019 Toyota Fortuner is powered by the 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel. It produces 130kW, 174 horsepower and 450Nm. This is not even close to what the BMW X7 has to offer.

The Bottom Line

The 2019 Toyota Fortuner is a great car but it is clearly no match for the BMW X7. The BMW X7 is superior in terms of its elegant exterior as well as the high tech equipped interior. It also boasts of higher performance than its counterpart as a result of its superior engine.

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