2019 BMW X6

2019 BMW X6

2020 Lincoln Continental

2020 Lincoln Continental

2019 BMW X6 vs. 2020 Lincoln Continental


2019 BMW X6 blends a coupe-like appearance with modern SUV attributes.  That’s not what makes the Beamer special though. It boasts of a a 300 horsepower and a turbocharged 3.0 liter inline six cylinder engine. Its sensational 445 hp twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine is optional. Take all these into account and you easily understand why Beamer enthusiasts refer to the 2019 BMW X6 as a beast. It gets even better with the fact that the beast comes along with an eight speed automatic transmission. With these specs, clinching the 60mph mark in less than 4 seconds shouldn’t be a problem.

For a while, before its launch, the new 2020 Lincoln Continental looked like a worthy competitor to the 2019 BMW X6. Not anymore. Its trio of V6 engines range from perfectly potent to downright rapid, with 300 hp as standard and 400 hp at the top end. The engine specs are not that bad only that they are paired up with an ancient 6 speed automatic transmission. Speed is therefore an issue. The ride is comfortable and composed though.

Design & Style

The 2019 BMW X6 is all about luxurious craftsmanship. It guarantees premium comfort as well as virtually limitless customization including leather upholstered seats, interior trims and even glass controls. Think of its design and style as expressive and dominant from each angle. The awe is not in the standard adaptive full LED lights or its horizontal contours. It is in the Beamer’s iconic glow of the optional illuminated Kidney Grilles which adds a dramatic impression to the car’s aesthetic appeal.

2020 Lincoln Continental tried something different. It is the epitome of retro cool, blending intricate yet thoughtful old school design accents with modern finishing. But where 2020 Lincoln Continental gets design right, it gets something else awfully wrong – comfort.

Technology & Safety

Who would have ever imagined a car would incorporate night vision into its array of tech features? 2019 BMW X6 did! It comes along with a slew of driver assistance equipment which includes the aforementioned night vision, blind sport monitoring, lane departure warning, automated emergency brake warning and forward collision warning.

Driving the 2020 Lincoln Continental after driving the X6 feels like a downgrade. Rightfully so because there is nothing the 2020 Lincoln Continental offers that the X6 doesn’t. Its hallmark is the automatic high beam headlights and active lane control. All the other tech and safety features like adaptive cruise control, surround view camera system and active parking assist can be found in the 2019 X6.


BMW is widely known for standardized yet exceptional powertrains. The X6 here is a good example of that. It comes along with a 300 hp turbocharged 6 cylinder engine. The engine also boasts of responsive throttle and guaranteed agility making cornering fun.

2020 Lincoln Continental also boasts of a relatively strong engine. It is worth noting though that its brake pedal lacks the consistent response to foot pressure. This is a dent on safety especially when driving fast on a flat terrain.

The Bottom Line

From its excellent handling to its turbocharged engine, 2019 X6 puts you in a position of eminence and power.  Its boldness is unmistakable, sending a message of prestige and power wherever it goes. It gets even better with the fact that it is fuel efficient.

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