2019 BMW X6

2019 BMW X6


2019 Mercedes GLE Coupe

2019 BMW X6 vs. 2019 Mercedes GLE Coupe


If you are considering purchasing the finest car for your family, chances are that you have, at one point or another, thought of a BMW X6 or a Mercedes GLE Coupe. While these two models command a lot of respect within the opulence family, they offer extremely different levels of luxury and performance.

Design & Style

As compared to GLE, X6 is way far ahead in terms of passenger space. Its front head and shoulder spaces are one and two inches bigger than that of the GLE respectively. You definitely want to purchase a model that will offer both you and your family the comfort they require. When it comes to loading and offloading your cargo, you can count on the lift-gate available on the X6 to ease things up for you. Using your feet rather than your hands, you can easily open and close the lift-gate.  This alone adds value to the BMW team.

As important as the lift-gate is, Mercedes is to blame for not including it on this luxurious car brand. As such, you will be forced to place your groceries down in the event that your hands are engaged. So, what does this mean? – X6 is definitely the winner here as well.

Technology & Safety

Though optional, the infrared night visualization device available on X6 allows drivers to easily identify animals, people or other things ahead of the car during night rides. The infrared camera can be used to determine the temperature and display the icon on the dashboard-based monitor. This rather important system is not present on the GLE.

These two models have a lot in common. They both feature standard passenger and driver frontal airbags, knee bags for the driver, side-impact front airbags, head side-impact airbags, seatbelt front pretensioners, 4WD antilock braking systems, crash brake mitigation systems, traction control and rearview cameras, among other great features. Nevertheless, the X6 has more to offer in terms of safety, including the infrared camera which the GLE lacks; hence, your ultimate family car choice.


X6 beats the GLE in a number of ways. No one wants to spend more on fuel and looking at how the X6 utilizes its fuel, it is no wonder the choice of many people across the globe. No matter the capacity of the engine, X6’s regenerative brakes allow for enhanced fuel economy through the conversion of the inertia force into power rather than expending it. On the contrary, Mercedes applies regenerative brakes selectively on its brands. Only the hybrid model of GLE features this important system.

Bottom line  

Both BMW and Mercedes are highly reputed for their position in the automobile industry, particularly in performance. However, looking at what BMW X6 offers in terms of performance among other aspects, you can bet that it is actually the best choice for your family compared to the GLE.

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