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2019 BMW X5


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2019 BMW X5 vs. 2019 VW Toureg


By the time BMW unveiled its very first SAV, (Sporty Activity Car), the X5, the general public went into palpable outrage. About two decades later, the X5 has become as crucial as the 3 sequences to the BMW oeuvre. Sale figures have ever since shown impressive results, with 55,000 being traded in Australia alone from 2001. Now each subsequent invention fights to outsell the preceding one.

Design & Style

As big as it is, X5 is reputed for its enormous interior space. The images therein display a magnanimous cabin designed with a holding capacity of five adults sitting comfortably. The back and front passengers are served with 2 cupholders in each line, with several bins and pockets for storage. You don’t have to worry about where to place your bottle of water – it is catered for. The smart folding cupholders located at back armrest offer adequate space for your phones.

If you like riding in the front seat, then you are lucky as X5 has plenty of room in every direction.  Those at the back are also considered and can make the most out of the enhanced back legroom. The inside dimensions imply that bigger loads fit with a lot of ease and you can also pull the car aside to ease loading using the available air suspension. There is quite plenty to talk about the X5 and why it remains your ultimate choice.

As for the VW Touareg, you just can’t ignore its interior space. Likewise, it comes with a holding capacity of 5 seats. It is wider and longer than its predecessor. It has lots of space at the front and more storage options, which include a covered box located in between the seating (incorporating a USB port), a couple of huge cupholders located in the interior console, a spacious glove box containing SIM card and SD slots, as well as door pockets consisting of bottle holders. With all these features, it still trails the X5 in many ways.

Technology and Safety

Safety has always been the biggest concern for many car manufacturers and BMW is not an exception. X5 comes with considerable safety features including lane departure signals, blind-spot support, and auto-emergency brakes (AEB), an airbag, lane change signal, electronic brake power supply, reverse camera, reverse cross alert, speed limit support and details and warning triangle indicating that indeed this is a BMW, among many more. In the event that you want fix a baby carrier, you can make the best of the available 2 ISOFIX points as well as the 3 child seat secure points located within the second row.

On the side of the Touareg, things aren’t different. With a 5* score you can’t just ignore the VW’s competitive ability. Some of the safety features to consider here include ABS (emergency brake lights included), AEB – 201km/hr, EBD, BA, traction control, multi-collision braking among others. The IQ Matrix front-lights add value to the brand as well. With all these in mind, the Touareg is considered a strong competitor to the X5, but still has a few rounds to make in order to catch up with the run-away BMW brand.


As long as the 3.0-ltr straight-6s impress you, you are free to decide on any engine. Each of these is available with specific specs and varied hp as well as torque ranges. The X5 incorporates a 3.0-liter diesel engine with 4 turbos mounted on it, meaning that it is 2 x 2 – for a massive 294kw hp and 760 Nm torque. This is far beyond what the Toureg is able to produce. There is actually much to talk about in terms of performance here. For instance, a 90 degree3.0-liter diesel engine that comes with the VW is something to give the X5 a run for its money.

Bottom line

It is actually hard to give the X5 a straight win and there is a reason for you to find more info regarding these two models. However, when you factor in things like the warranty and roadside assists, you will definitely understand why the X5 is the model to watch.

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