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2019 BMW X3


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2019 BMW X3 vs. 2019 Dodge Durango


There is no doubt that BMW X3 is going to impress you if you are the kind of person that derives fun from the Sporty SUV models. The X3 comes loaded with an array of unique hi-tech features. While it may be of the same size with 2019 Dodge Durango, it has a slightly sportier exterior appearance.

BMW X3 displays a shiny cabin layout that outsmarts its competitors in a number of ways. It is crafted from top quality materials compared to the rest in the group. Besides, the X3 is loaded with unique infotainment features compared to 2019 Dodge Durango. These include gesture control features, which will, of course, amaze your passengers – the old and young alike.

Design &style

These two vehicle models come in two different designs; particularly, on the front and backseats. As for BMW X3, there is a slight stretch space for the legs, which allows the driver and the front passenger to sit more comfortably. In terms of dimensions, the X3 is slightly narrower compared to Dodge Durango thereby allowing for an easier moment when entering and coming off the vehicle in tight parking locations. Also, a BMW X3 gives you easy time getting adequate parking space.

Dodge Durango is built with more space for the back and the front seats; hence, allowing the backseat passengers and drivers to enjoy their ride at the expense of other passengers, though.

Technology & safety

What is more interesting here is that the X3 offers a great driving experience attributing to the suspension that allows for smooth navigation even on bumpy terrain. With the availability of an 8-speed automated gearbox to simplify the start-stop traffic, you can bet that this is just among the finest in the industry. The distinct diesel and petrol engines offer BMW X3 the much-anticipated load-carrying capability.

Reputed for its state-of-the-art interior design, user-friendly infotainment system, wide cargo space with the entire set of seats covered, Dodge Durango is also a force to reckon within the market. However, its undoing is centered on little space at the back of the 3rd-row seats. The finest infotainment attributes are optional, 2nd and 3rd rows aren’t as spacious as those of BMW X3 either.

Bottom Line

You definitely want to derive some fun in your ride and the best way to achieve this is going for BMW X3. Regardless of whether it has a powerful engine or not, you will love the experience in this stunning model more than you would in many family SUVs. The terrain notwithstanding, the X3 is designed to give you a relaxed drive back home compared to a Dodge Durango.

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