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2019 BMW X2


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2019 BMW X2 vs. 2019 Nissan Qashqai


In order to remain relevant in the automotive industry, BMW is not prepared to throw in the towel yet. It is instead taking advantage of the little available space to exploit the latest niches. In simple terms, the new X2 is an improved version of X1 that comes with a lesser roof and enhanced sporty layout. The idea here is that BMW is trying hard to ensure that it upholds its top spot in the industry.

With other SUV models determined to catch up with BMW, the company is doing everything to see to it that it stays afloat. Let’s now consider a few things that would make BMW X2 your most preferred sporty model to the 2019 Nissan Qashqai.

Design & Style

Looking at the X2 exterior styling, you will find that it is much more unique than its predecessors. The body design provides some kind of reasonableness, save for the small size of the boot. The key factor about this styling is that with the elevated door lines as well as constricted glass height, minors sitting at the back seats may find it hard to have a view of the outside surroundings. The dashboard, on its part, has witnessed a great boost up-market in relation to design and quality compared to its competitors.

While Nissan Qashqai comes with an economical diesel engine, making it look cheaper to operate, X2 is in a class of its own and doesn’t seem to relent when put to test.

Technology & safety

Yet, among the features that make BMW X2 beat its competitors is the unmatched driving position it offers. As it were, X2 is almost the better option for many drivers. It comes with a higher driving position than the rest in the automobile industry. When it comes to balancing between economy and performance, X2 boasts of the newest 2-litre diesel unit, making it a better engine. With an automatic gearbox, you can bet that X2 will beat the rest as you easily and smoothly adjust your gears.

Although, Nissan Qashqai comes with a double-diesel engine that allows for equally a comfy suspension as well as smooth handling, there is no way it is going to outwit the X2. BMW X2 has an added advantage considering the incorporated auto-gearbox.


Overall, X2 ensures a wonderful driving experience – just what you should look ahead to in a BMW. It is completely refined. While the entire machine may feel tight, it is relatively heavy with the steering tending to feel a bit weightier than others in the group. This allows for stable driving once you get used to it. The basic drive feels comfy and handling is perfect as well. The iDrive system delivers an excellent grip as well. When compared to 2019 Nissan Qashqai, there no doubt that the former enjoys the top spot.

Bottom line

If you are one of those who prefer riding in a lower roofline, then X2 is your perfect choice. This unique styling makes it even more aerodynamic and efficient; hence, allowing for enhanced handling. Rather than going for the distinctive body layout as is the case with Nissan Qashqai, you would rather take advantage of the fairly normal BMW X2.

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