2019 BMW M5

2019 BMW M5

2019 GMC Denali

2019 GMC Denali

2019 BMW M5 vs. 2019 GMC Denali


The 2019 BMW M5 announced its arrival in style. Its engine power, transmission prowess and comfort immediately meant all competing sports sedans had to cede power. The beast uncorks 600 plus horsepower from a powerful twin turbo V8 engine. ‘Unbridled ferocity’ – that’s how many have described how it accelerates. Keep in mind it is an all-wheel-drive so you get to enjoy it on different terrains. The fact that it is loaded with high tech gadgetry for your convenience makes it even more appealing.

Revised suspension and an aesthetic upgrade from her predecessor – that’s pretty much all there is to the 2019 GMC Denali. It is M5’s worthy competitor only that it lacks in so many key aspects such as performance on the road. Its technology and safety features vis a vis what the M5 has to offer leaves quite a lot to be desired.

Design & Style

It looks like a sedan but it drives like a super car. Its interior is equally impressive. You’ll fall in love with the brilliant front seats – supple and comfy in support complete with a waxy feel leather trim. The interior is simply racy yet relaxed with ample space.  Ambient interior lighting, keyless entry and so many other extras make the 2019 M5 a force to reckon with.

Meanwhile, the 2019 GMC Denali tries its best to match what the M5 has to offer. It fails as far as space is concerned. It comes really close though in terms of interior comfort. That is perhaps the only ace it has on the sleeve against the M5. Other design elements that matter such as aesthetic appeal lets down the 2019 GMC Denali in favor of the 2019 BMW M5 Series.

Technology & Safety

The 2019 BMW M5 series’ large infotainment display is designed to run one of BMW’s most advanced iDrive software. It is strategically placed on the dashboard to the driver’s right making it easy for one to control it using a rotary knob placed on the center console. As far as safety is concerned, there’s the forwards collision warning system coupled with automated emergency braking. There’s also the standard lane departure warning, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control system complete with stop and go technology. That’s the 2019 BMW M5 for you. As for the 2019 GMC Denali, expect the usual lane keeping and automated emergency braking. That is as far as it gets with GMC.


Numbers don’t lie. The 2019 BMW M5 series reaches 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. Its top speed is pegged at 156mph because it is electronically limited. Remove the limit and the beast clinches 190mph. The car’s handling is also incredibly quick. All these do not come as a surprise given that the vehicle features a twin turbocharged 4.4 v8 engine capable of producing 617 horsepower.

That the 2019 GMC Denali is M5’s worthy competitor is not in question. Performance wise though, a lot leaves to be desired especially when one takes into account that with 2019 GMC Denali speed is an issue pretty much an issue.

The Bottom Line

2019 BMW M5 Series has it all. It checks all the boxes from speed and comfort all the way to safety and performance. Keep in mind too that it is fuel efficient. The fact that it comes along with a pocket friendly price tag is yet another perk worth noting.

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