2019 BMW M2

2019 BMW M2

2019 Chevy Silverado

2019 Chevy Silverado

2019 BMW M2 vs. 2019 Chevy Silverado


Mind-blowing M power and a performance many enthusiasts describe as simply outstanding, is what the 2019 BMW M2 is all about. It impresses without struggling. But that is not all. The beast boasts of an M Twin Power Turbo technology and an inline 6 cylinder engine that will thrill you within seconds if you are a speed junkie.  With the engine, the M2 now gets to sit at the same table with his legendary big brothers, the BMW M3 and of course, the BMW M4. It also guarantees comfort with an interior that is simply magnificent.  Then there’s M2’s ardent competitor, the 2019 Chevy Silverado. It comes quite close only that it lags behind in performance, comfort and aesthetics.

Design & Style

One look at the 2019 BMW M2 and you will quickly notice its glaring LED and fog lights. The design is deliberate. It pronounces BMW’s prowess as far as aesthetics are concerned. It does not end there though. You get to enjoy premium extras like real cow sourced BMW leather upholstery, automatic wipers and a one of kind interior design ensuring essential knobs are within reach.

Silverado tried to up its game with the 2019 Chevy Model. It came close to the 2019 BMW M2, but it couldn’t measure up to its grit at all. That is an off road truck didn’t help much. One has to appreciate the fact that it is quite comfortable for an off road truck. 2019 BMW M2 also grabs the medal when it comes to interior space.

Technology & Safety

Forget for a while the standard safety features like the automatic braking system as well as the forward collision detection system BMW models are known for. There is something else that makes 2019 BMW M2 stand out. Drive it and you quickly get impressed by its new precision strut made of premium fiber reinforced plastic. It is a unique body component in the 2019 BMW M2 engine component ‘borrowed’ from motor sport vehicles. It does not just increase front end stiffness, it also maximizes steering wheel precision making it easy for you to maneuver anywhere.

A backup camera that is standard in nearly all BMW models, teen driver safety system which the M2 already has and a lane departure warning system. That’s pretty much what the 2019 Chevy Silverado has to offer. Other features come at a price.


For starters, 2019 BMW M2 guarantees maximum torque of up to 550 mn. Its twin turbos will blow your mind. Then there is the engine’s advanced cooling system which is made of a central as well as two lateral radiators and an oil cooler. This makes it easy for the turbochargers to receive adequate air. The end result is high power output. You will love the model even more, with its 8 speed transmission system.

The Bottom Line

2019 BMW M2 is a beast on the road. It impresses in all aspects from speed and style all the way to safety and comfort. Think of it as elegance on four wheels. It gets even better with the fact that its exterior design is easy on the eyes.

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