2019 BMW 7 Series

2019 BMW 7 Series

2019 Maserati Ghibli

2019 Maserati Ghibli

2019 BMW 7 Series vs. 2019 Maserati Ghibli


The 2019 Maserati Ghibli is a master stroke of Italian design and engineering. Its handling, acceleration and interior comforts make it sought after by many but affordable for only a few. However, it faces a true rival in the 2019 BMW 7 Series, a world class car that is packed with state of the art tech, impeccable looks and every luxury feature the mind can conceive of. Which should you buy?

Design & Style

The BMW 7 Series solves the challenging task of maintaining its own distinction while remaining true to BMW’s core design principles. Outside, it has an extended hood with a prominent grille and creases which extend elegantly to the cabin. The exhausts are prominent, and the front bumper has been lowered. Inside, the leather covering is ornate, and each surface is covered with premium materials, such as polished wood and brushed aluminum. The Maserati Ghibli has a curvature which can only be described as magnificent. The grille is pronounced, with the company’s insignia at the top, and the windows are large, providing an excellent view of the surrounding environment. Within, the instrument panel and steering are well positioned, and the textures, colors and materials are harmonious in every way imaginable.

Technology & Safety

No car as pricey as the Maserati will likely ever be crash tested by the NHTSA. Despite this, it has been given excellent safety scores due to the many safety features it has, such as 7 airbags and a chassis which is reinforced to withstand powerful impacts.  Passengers in the Ghibli will also enjoy perks such as Harmon Kardon sound, Bluetooth support, touch control and wireless internet access. The BMW 7 Series comes with emergency automatic brakes, driver assist, cruise and lane control, and multiple airbags. Within the cabin, passengers will be pampered by climate control which covers four zones, touch screens which are 10.1 inches, and seats that can be heated and power adjusted.


The BMW 7 Series comes in multiple variants, the most powerful of which is the M760i, which has a V12 engine that can generate 601 horsepower with 590 pound of torque, allowing it to go from zero to sixty in under 4 seconds. The Maserati comes with a V6 engine that is turbocharged and capable of producing 410 horsepower, enabling it to go from zero to 60 in about five seconds, with a maximum speed of 177 miles per hour.

The Bottom Line

Both of these vehicles are stylish, elegant, and very comforting to sit in. However, 7 Series overwhelms the Maserati when it comes to performance, and this combined with the limited space in the Ghibli’s backseat means the BMW wins.

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