How To Reset Your BMW Airbag Module

‍If, for some reason, you ever find that your airbag module is no longer working, it’s simple to replace it yourself. All you need to do is follow these steps: Pay close attention to the steps detailed in the tutorial; they will differ depending on which BMW model you own. If you own an X3 or X5, then follow this step-by-step guide; otherwise, read on for instructions specific to your BMW model.

Disconnect The Negative Battery Cable First

Before removing your BMW module, you must disconnect the negative battery cable first. If you have a hybrid car, you will also need to disconnect the negative battery cable when you take your car in for hybrid servicing. Be sure not to lose the negative battery cable when you take your car in for service; it is extremely important to have it reconnected when you are done.

Take Off The Front Drivers Side Wheel

If you have a non-hybrid car, you will likely need to take off the front driver-side wheel in order to access the airbag module.

Grab A Screwdriver And Remove The 3 Screws On Both Sides Of The Airbag Module

Use a socket or a hammer to carefully and gently remove the 3 screws on both sides of the airbag module. This may require a little effort, but do not worry; it will come up in the end.

Disengage The Wiring Harness Attached To The Airbag Module Before Proceeding

Now that you’ve removed all of the screws and disconnected the wiring harness, you can finally pull out your BMW module. Place it on its side so that you can see all of the connections and plugs inside of it.

Put on your safety glasses or goggles before continuing; if you have them on, now’s the time to strap on a helmet too.

It’s much easier to look in a pair of safety glasses when you are trying them on for the first time than when you just hold them in your hands.

Put Everything Back Together Again So You Don’t Miss A Step

Now that you’ve removed all the connectors and cables, it’s time to put everything back together again, so you don’t miss a step.

It may be bad if you still have issues with your airbag module. You can try to replace it yourself, but it is easier and cheaper to have it replaced by a dealer. In this case, the replacement module will be custom-made to fit your car and will probably cost a little bit more than just buying another airbag module. If you are not entirely sure what vehicle you have, or if you are having issues with another part of your car, then a BMW car dealer may be able to help; make sure to check if they can repair it or replace it with a custom part.

The final step is to reconnect your positive battery cable before driving away. It should only be reconnected when you are about to start driving again or when you take your vehicle for its next servicing. Wait for it to fully charge before doing so, though, so as not to overcharge it and kill any remaining energy.

That’s it! You have successfully reset your BMW airbag module. Your car will start up again with no problems now.