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    What components are affected during a water leak?

    -Damage to carpets and headliners is a concern, stains are often permanent, foam and pressed fiber liners often lose their shape.

    -By far the most alarming result of water leaks is the effect on electronic components which are mostly located in low areas of the vehicle. Under the carpet lies a network of computers, sensors, connections and splices. Most will fail on initial contact with water, however many will corrode and fail long after the vehicle has been dried and repaired. Water that penetrates into wire harnesses can travel through the wire insulations and cause problems years down the road.

    Cold temperatures and frozen drains.

    -Since water expands when it freezes, water left in clogged sunroof cassettes will separate seams and crack drains.

    Do you ever notice whistling or other wind noises while driving with your sunroof closed and shade open?

    -The main cause of water leaks and clogged drains are worn seals which allow excessive water and dirt to overwhelm the drains. Even with clean drains, too much water can easily overflow drains designed to only handle the water allowed by well-sealed and adjusted sunroofs.

    I never open my sunroof. Why do I need to clean my drains?

    -Water will take any dust or dirt on the surface of the vehicle with it. Over time, this fine silt will develop into a sticky mud that coats the drains and becomes extremely difficult to remove. -The most common reason for worn seals is not sunroof usage, but rather sunlight which dries and shrinks the rubber.

    How does inclination angle of a parked vehicle affect water leaks?

    -Drains which are partially blocked maintain just enough flow to manage when parked on even ground as the water is evenly distributed. However on an incline, 2, or even just one drain must be capable of flowing all the water that makes it past the perimeter seal.

    -Sunroof cassettes are not sealed to roof of vehicle. Instead the glass seals to the roof shell, and the entire assembly "floats" bellow the roof shell. Should the drains back up, there is absolutely nothing preventing the water channels in the cassette from filling and overflowing directly onto the headliner.

    I have never had an issue before. Why is it only being recommended now?

    -BMW is becoming increasingly strict about water leaks caused by environmental conditions.

    -Sunroof inspections have become part of the Vehicle Check service. Vehicles which develop water leaks and are not properly maintained are being denied for warranty repairs.

    What other benefits can a clean and properly sealed sunroof provide?

    -The perimeter seal is a major stabilizing support for the glass panels. An excessive gap in the sunroof seal can result in rattling noises of sunroof glass, unnatural movements in mechanical assembly which may stress and damage tracks, slides and cables.

    -As with any other part of the vehicle, frequent inspections may result in diagnosing a problem before it becomes an irreparable failure.