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    Parts Specials


    Summer 2015
    Let there be light! 

    Check out these unique lighting options from Competition BMW:

    LED Door Projectors

    This innovative new product makes entering your vehicle an experience all on its own, via a projected image displayed on the ground beneath the front doors.  Direct replacement for the existing puddle lamps.  For even more customization, the image is interchangeable by inserting different slides into the projector, from your choice of M logo, BMW roundel, BMW wordmark, or xDrive logo--all included in this kit!  Fits all current models.

    Regular price $150.00
    Special sale price $119.95 + tax
    part number 63-31-2-289-654

    Illuminated Door Sills

    Light your way every time you step in or out of your car.  Fits all current 3-series models and 4-series Grand Coupes only.

    Regular price $215.00
    Special sale price $179.95 + tax
    part number 51-47-2-350-301 for BMW wordmark
    part number 51-47-2-359-786 for M-Performance wordmark

    LED Interior Bulb Replacements

    These economical and long-lasting LEDs are specially designed for use in BMW interior lamps and reading lights, and can be inserted directly into the existing bulb sockets.  The "daylight white" hue provides modern spatial ambience and pleasant brightness.  Fits all current models.  Pack of 4 LED bulbs.

    Regular price $80.00
    Special sale price $69.95 + tax
    part number 63-31-2-289-654

    Please note that installation prices are not included.  Please contact our Service Department for an appointment.  Thank you.