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    2017 BMW i3 Gets Extended Range

    Around the area, people want to drive an efficient vehicle. To get the most efficient, having an electric car is the route to take. And, if it's luxury you want, the new BMW provides that and, with an electric vehicle in the unique BMW i3. The new edition is coming soon, and looks to go further.

    Along with the unique style and attributes onboard this electric vehicle, there now more battery power, and a…

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    BMW 3 Series Gives A Great Feeling for Long Island

    At Competition BMW of Smithtown, we want to salute the one original sports sedan. It's been thrilling and providing joy for all for many years, and the current incarnation of it is right here in our showroom. The one feeling it gives you is never going to change, as the BMW 3 Series is here for a taste of luxury excitement.

    There are plenty of BMW 3 Series models in our showroom serving Long…

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    BMW Celebrates 100 Years

    BMW is 100 years old! There's a lot of history and tradition behind the brand, as it has been a leader in automotive creation, providing us with standout luxury performance vehicles. Here at Competition BMW of Smithtown, you can find the current fruits of that labor, and we invite you in to see it.

    Behind each one of our new BMW models, there's a lot of history. Vehicles that have come before it…

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    BMW i3 Has Standout Features

    Here at Competition BMW of Smithtown, we often get asked about the BMW i3, and its characteristics. There's a lot to love on it, and we'd like to highlight some of its popular, standout attributes that give it that added pop.

    First off, it has a unique style that is unmatched by any other models. You're getting zero tailpipe emissions, fabrics inside which are luxurious and made from recycled bottles, along with…

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    Only Buy BMW Parts from the Source

    Here at Competition BMW of Smithtown, we know that you are passionate about your BMW. You want the best for it, and we want you to have the best. When it comes to keeping your BMW model up to the highest levels of quality, or adding on accessories to give it a custom look and feel, or performance, you should go to the source. That's the best way to ensure your experience is always…

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    Creating something bigger


    It isn't enough that BMW has taken over the world of high-performing stylish cars, but now they've set their sights on Hollywood as stars of the new Mission: Impossible film, Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation. In our last blog post we talked about a blast from the past with the BMW M5, and now that we're seeing the future of BMW represented in these new films in the form of the 2016 BMW 7 Series, we're reminded of the ways the brand has changed over the years.


    For those of us who are not Tom Cruise…

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    The 1993 BMW M5: a Blast from the Past

    Whether you were around for the eras or not, it's always a good time looking back on old models from our favorite Bavarian automaker and seeing how far things have come. That's not to say that older vehicles are bad, of course, and the 1993 BMW M5 is a prime example of what we mean. Called the best sports sedan in the world by the folks at MotorWeek, the '93 M5 had a gorgeous and aerodynamic design, a powerful engine that could go from 0-60mph in just six seconds, and offered tight handling; all these made for a…

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    Throwback Thursday: The BMW 327 and 327/28

    It's Thursday, and you know what that means. Not only is the weekend in sight, but we're also throwing it back to the 1930's with some BMW classic cars, namely the 327 and 327/28.   Turning heads since... forever. The #BMW 327/28 Coupé was built in 1939. #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/Kg2DZi3nES — BMW (@BMW) August 6, 2015   Note the way the body sits low along with its curving, flowing lines. The 327/28 was a faster, more powerful version of what emerged as the 327 in 1937. You can le
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    BMW 3 Series continues the luxury-performance tradition it started decades ago

    When the first BMW 3 Series models first hit the scene close to four decades ago now, they combined luxury and performance in ways previously never even dreamed of. And now, all these years later, they still provide those attributes more ably than their imitators. See the amazing new video on the models, below.

    Impressive stuff, isn't that? Taking a closer look at the 3 Series Sedan option, the model wears our automaker's…

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    Introducing the All-New BMW 7 Series

    BMW has made it their mission change the future of the auto industry forever by challenging the car as we know it today. While they have already produced thrilling performance vehicles and the highly sustainable BMW i, they are now looking to transform the BMW 7 Series and challenge the future of luxury vehicles. Take a look at the teaser below:

    Although BMW hasn't allowed us an actual look at the BMW 7 Series…

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